Improvising Rasam

I am sharing here my grandmother’s tips and tricks to make Rasam more tasteful.

Blanch the required amount of tomatoes and tamarind together till tomatoes become soft (maybe 5 minutes max).


Use crushed garlic. This elevates the taste of rasam. If you like it spicy, you can add a small green chilly and a piece of small onion and crush them together.


Add a pinch of white sugar just before removing rasam from the stove. This will help reducing the sourness of the tomatoes and add more taste. Be mindful of the amount of the sugar just a pinch.

Instead using the rasam powder from the stores, use the freshly ground powder. In a mixer, add pepper corns, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and grind them to dry coarse powder. If you don’t like garlic coming to mouth as such, you can grind garlic with the above.

Adding a spoon of Toor dhal to the above mentioned spices while grinding will thicken the consistency of the rasam.

Hope these tips help in improvising your rasam !


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