Ramadan Special – Semolina Cake

The Holy month of Ramadan started on May 28th. Living in Kuwait, the month of Ramadan is an experience by itself. People who believe in Islam, start their fast before the sunrise and break the fast after sunset. People even stop on the highway and do namaz without minding the extreme temperatures. Temporary tents are built near the mosques to accommodate more people and feast … Continue reading Ramadan Special – Semolina Cake

Mutton Sukka

After procrastinating for more than an year, I finally gave one of the certifications related to the technology I work in yesterday and I successfully cleared it! It’s been a few years since I spent time studying and the past few days were really tough to go through books, learn and prepare. When I got the score sheet and realized that I cleared, it was … Continue reading Mutton Sukka

Kerala Fish Curry

Mothers are always special and any Michelin restaurant cannot match a mother’s cooking. My mom is a great cook who enjoys cooking for others and I am sure most of the mothers have that quality. When I was a kid we wouldn’t get paneer, capsicum, mushrooms, bangalore tomatoes in my town and those were like fancy ingredients. Whenever we go Coimbatore, my mom will make … Continue reading Kerala Fish Curry